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Suppose you just landed a Drupal web development job and you are ready to set up a local version of their site with a server. What tool to choose?

Like WordPress, Drupal is a web-based content management system that uses a database. So to run it locally, you need a web server, a database server, and PHP.

Enter Lando, a development tool build by the digital agency known as Tandem. I started using Lando routinely back in March and have found that it works quite well for my local Drupal environment.

  • If you are building in Drupal, know that Lando…

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Hi there, and thanks for stopping by. If you landed here because you want to learn more about JavaScript and performance testing, you are in the right place. In an earlier article, we did a close inspection of a code snippet that translates a string written in camelCase to the equivalent string in dash syntax.

A code snippet

For instance, this function would convert dataTarget, which could be found on a JavaScript object, to data-target, which may be on a DOM element. We dove into the intricacies of this function and overall had a great time.

And as I was…

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Hi there, and thanks for dropping by. I am a web and app developer and private tutor living in the Boston area. While I grew up in Virginia, I have now spent more of my life in Massachusetts. Outside of work I enjoy illustration, running, writing about technology, and losing to my son at chess.

My history as a developer is a fairly roundabout journey. I started programming in BASIC on my Commodore 128 during the age of floppy disks, following tutorials from 3–2–1 Contact magazines and building pint-sized games. After middle school, my interests veered towards track, cross country…

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A scalar vector graphic (SVG) is a super-sharp image with underlying code that is structured a lot like HTML. While SVG’s now enjoy a robust level of browser support, complex animations can still result in issues — so using a library can help ensure that your code works well across browsers and devices. One such library is GSAP (GreenSock Animation API), which allows you to animate anything that JavaScript interacts with, including CSS properties and SVG elements.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create the SVG creature below and animate mouth expressions with JavaScript and the GSAP…

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For many a developer building in Drupal right now, it is migration season year-round. With Drupal 7 losing support in November 2022, there is a need to migrate the Drupal 7 site to Drupal 9, the newest version of this content management system. This process often entails a complete rebuild of the website’s codebase coupled with the migration of content from the Drupal 7 database to the new Drupal 9 database.

Drupal Paragraphs

One of the more challenging pieces of content to migrate are Paragraphs. The Paragraphs module allows you to create a content field that is essentially a bundle of fields…

Explore uncertain objects in an error-free way with minimal code

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In a previous article, I wrote about how you could check for a deeply nested object property that may not exist without resorting to mid-function returns. Below is the type of object we inspected.

A sample teacher object.

In this article, we tackle the same scenario with a different approach.

The scenario

Previously, we had wanted to get the first pupil of a teacher object’s first class. But not all teacher objects will look like the one above —or even exist. Even if the object turns out to be valid, the pupils property within a class —and for that matter, the classes

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Envision managing a publication on Medium. You’ve built up a long list of articles, and your audience is made up of a few key groups, each with specific interests. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a way of searching your pub’s recently published pieces by tag so you could create article roundups under a particular topic — either to post on social media or send out in newsletters.

Well, dear reader, you’re in luck. In this tutorial, we’ll build a handy resource that lets us search for particular articles in a publication by tag. …

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If you are looking to build your web development portfolio, one project to consider is a single-page web application. Like native apps, web apps are typically built for a singular purpose and are built to run well on mobile devices, but they are websites under the hood. Instead of being downloaded onto your phone, they are hosted on a server and are requested by your browser, like other sites.

So if you want to build a web app, where to start? While there are entire frameworks you could pull from, such as Vue, Angular, React, Medium, and Ember, you can…

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The Drupal is a flexible open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. As with WordPress, a Drupal site is dynamic in that it is connected to a database. While developers are often needed to build and maintain Drupal sites, the authoring interface allows you to create content and configure the site even if you are not a developer.

While Drupal can be a learning curve, here are 5 few steps to get up and running with a new local site.

1. Download Drupal

First, I recommend downloading the latest Drupal 9 package. While Drupal 7 and 8 are still being used, Drupal…

Create a portfolio of your recent work for any website

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On a recent rainy morning, I discovered Medium’s RSS Feeds API, and since then I have been experimenting up a storm.

Over the course of the past few days, I have been creating various CodePens that have allowed me to sift through articles by tag, search by topic, or dig into a list of articles for a particular publication.

I also looked for some other examples of how the Feeds API has been used, and during my wanderings, I ran across this article by KonradDaWo that explained how to use the Fetch API to pull in an author’s feed and…

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